Internet Leased Line

Internet Leased Line

Get Connected To Our Internet Leased Lines for the Fastest Browsing Experience

The internet holds the equal importance what oxygen is to life. Right from the business sector to education sector, the development and innovation has only been possible through the internet. Thus, to create a niche in your industry and to operate the business activities smoothly, you need to have the fastest internet speed. Considering the need of the hour, Anodic Telenetwork Pvt. Ltd. offers the finest internet leased line services. With us, you can expect to enjoy fast and steady connections round-the-clock at the most affordable prices

Leased Line solutions are the next generation in business class connectivity offering speeds of 1Mbps up to 1Gbps. The Lines are a scalable, reliable and secure connectivity solution that provides extra flexibility to growing businesses.

Features of our internet leased line service.

Higher Speeds- Leased lines offer you much better internet speed as compared to other ADSL connections. Our internet leased lines can provide you a speed of up to 1000Mbps irrespective of your location. With this, the speed will not drop at any point of time.

Quicker uploads- If you are annoyed with the slow upstream speed then you must hire our internet leased line services. Often, businesses find the upstream bandwidth inadequate and are unable to meet their needs. The problem rises even more when it comes to using online backup or transfer files through FTP. However, our leased lines will make it all hassle-free for you. They are symmetric and offer quicker upload speed.
No slow-down- Usually, the other internet connections slow down at peak hours. Nonetheless, our leased lines will never interrupt your net surfing, as they are dedicated to you. Here, you do not have to fight with other users to get a share of your data.
More reliable- It is true that leased lines are much more reliable. Unlike the ADSL connections that run over cables and can induce current, leased lines use electric resistant fiber-optic cable. Further, the high grade hardware that comes with a leased line connection is far more reliable.

In addition to this, we also fix internet leased line problems. If you face any issues after availing our leased line services, our team of technicians will extend its absolute support. We have with us the finest professionals with decades of experience in the respective field and are dedicated to assist every client. They are trained enough to solve all the seemingly unending queries with utmost patience. Thus, you do not have worry about internet connectivity anymore. Reach us right away through mail, chat or phone. We are just a call away from you!