Corporate Broadband

Corporate Broadband Services

Corporate Broadband Services for Accomplishing Multiple Tasks Successfully

For businesses, broadband connections have proved to be highly valuable. No doubt, it is a bit expensive as compared to other internet connections but is worth its potential benefits. Consider it a onetime investment and make your entire workflow smooth & steady. Our company, Anodic Telenetwork Pvt. Ltd. has stepped into this industry to support businesses to grow and escalate their revenues with our fast corporate broadband services.

How corporate broadband is beneficial for your business?

Speed boosts efficiency- You must know that customers tend to abandon the website that takes much time in loading. Even a one second delay in loading of the web pages can result into the loss of billions. Since time is money, customers never like wasting it browsing the sites that take minutes to load. With our corporate broadband services, you can add up to your internet speed and never lose customers

Supports multiple users- Often, the internet speed slows down when you have multiple users and thus, affects the efficiency. However, corporate broadband is dedicated to each user and makes no compromise with any user. With our faster internet services, multiple users can carry out multiple tasks at multiple devices.
Faster uploads- Upload speed is equally essential as the download speed is. The level of speed of uploading photos, files and other data does matter. Slower uploads take more time causing delays in other activities while faster uploads help in winding up tasks much quickly. The standard broadband upload speed is 3Mbps and above.

Better collaboration- A faster internet connection can offer you an opportunity to interact and collaborate. With our hassle-free corporate broadband, you will be able to share larger files between multiple employees. It will enable you to bridge the gap between your company and the customers especially when it comes to the mutual sharing platforms like Google Documents.

Therefore, it is the right time for you to upgrade your internet by switching to a broadband connection. Whether you own a start-up or an established business, corporate broadband connection can bring in innumerable benefits for you. For more information on the packages of our broadband internet connection, you can approach our technical staff. It will assist you and will make you aware about the different types of plans and their features. Yes, we assure that you will not be left disappointed once you have acquired our corporate broadband internet services. Good luck!